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FinTech: Creative Destruction - Boston

  • CIC Boston 50 Milk Street, Lighthouse North, 20th Floor Boston, MA, 02110 United States (map)

FinTech: Creative Destruction

It is not news that technology is upending finance and destroying traditional finance roles and creating new ones. In this class, Professor Steven Zitzer will illustrate what’s happening in FinTech by looking at four case studies across a diverse landscape:

  • Cryptocurrencies - How to value something virtual that doesn’t pay anything?

  • Robo-Advising – What competitive strategy can teach us about the “stack”.

  • Payments – How disruptive innovation might have predicted the success of M-Pesa.

  • Crowdfunding – Are investing crowds wise or mad?


Professor Steven Zitzer has been adjunct professor of FinTech at IE since 2017, teaching both cryptocurrency/ICO and robo- advisory electives.  Searching for the next big thing in finance, he began intensively researching the FinTech space in 2012, and launched a pioneering FinTech course in Spain in 2013.  As a private investor, Prof. Zitzer has invested in US platforms and European FinTech startups.  Previously, he held various investment banking, advisory and investment management roles on Wall St., London and Madrid.  Prof. Zitzer has a BA in Political Economy of Industrial Societies from the University of California (Berkeley) and an MBA from Yale University.

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