“Our DNA Is to Challenge the Status Quo!” – Lizard Global’s Unique Take as Best App Developer

In the world of software development, Lizard Global stands out as a full-stack digital agency that goes beyond traditional approaches. With a focus on incubating ideas and driving clients towards their ultimate business goals, they offer a comprehensive range of services from conceptualization to design, programming, maintenance, and growth. With a decade of experience and numerous award-winning projects across multiple countries, Lizard Global has become a leading web and mobile app development company. We’ve had the pleasure of having a Q&A with Jeremy Raes (CEO), to get to know more about Lizard Global.

What is Lizard Global?

“I always struggle with this question. Lizard Global is a full-stack digital agency, but we do much more than just software development. Rooting ourselves as incubators of ideas, we focalize on reaching clients’ ultimate business goals starting from the conceptualization stage, all the way to design, programming, maintenance, and growth, towards creating a new profit line.

We establish ourselves as digital partners for clients across 25+ industries on a global scale. With a decade of experience in being a leading web and mobile app development company in several countries — we and our clients won multiple awards for our projects in The Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Belgium, and Singapore.”

Who are the founders of Lizard Global?

“Guido (CTO) and I met as computer science students. Both of us held strong opinions on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship and what constitutes a high-quality software product.

Next to being an excellent programmer (honestly, he is one of the best that I know) Guido also has a background in Industrial Design. Both of us have been involved with all sorts of aspects when it comes to entrepreneurship and growing companies. We understand what entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have to go through.

As the CEO of a custom software development company, my main duty is to translate that experience throughout all aspects of what we do. We need to create a setting in which our teams can flourish and offer our customers top-notch service with lasting value. While my role can be demanding, it is also immensely rewarding to see the impact that we can have on the industry, our clients, and our colleagues.

Several of our applications became trending and/or changed their business paradigm: We’ve built a payment system for the Global South, we bring forth a fast delivery service for the ASEAN region and helped create a successful bar loyalty program driving conversion, we created a fantastic new platform (and profit line) for an insurance company, we helped our clients secure investment, one of our apps became the best youth travel app in 2018, and so much more. I could literally go on for hours.”

Who is your target group and what are you changing/disrupting for them?

“Lizard Global is there for everybody with innovative mindsets and wants to challenge the status quo. We pride ourselves as incubators for ideas. We challenge our long-term partners. Our first client is still one of our clients – that type of relationship is so important to me. — We need to understand the objectives of our clients and build solutions that fit their purpose and align with the environment in which our clients operate. Operating in an agile scrum, we continuously change together with the world, finding the most detailed problem statement, solution, and user stories, so that we, together with our partners, are always ahead of the curve.

Timing is important. The market needs to be ready for your ideas. That’s why we like to start our project small, and then measure and validate the different features and functionality of your product. The mistake I often see is that entrepreneurs go for a wide product instead of a deep product.

We have a specific DNA; we are not a coding factory, but crafters who build art. We understand entrepreneurs and build products for end users. We understand success can be defined as more than just getting your products delivered. It is capturing the hearts of the end users and reaching your business goals, ultimately making profits.

We want to be the best in our trade, the same as the entrepreneurs we work with. They too want to be the best in their trades and we recognize each other’s passion.”

What is the key driver of your company’s growth?

“We take pleasure in being a long-term partner. We aren’t just interested in providing a service and then moving on to the next job; we are involved in our client’s success. Our customer retention percentage of 85% over the long term is evidence of that dedication. The fact that our first customer is still one of our current clients is evidence of Lizard Global’s strengths.

Lizard Global thrives to be the best, not the biggest!”

What is the best innovation of all time according to you?

Writing is perhaps man’s greatest invention.

Writers, software engineers, and CEOs, everyone writes but just in different languages and with different purposes. Writers write to communicate, transfer knowledge and convey emotions, but software engineers write stories in the form of code that can be read by machines and interact with a device that at its core, is made out of Sand. How insane is that! And every time humanity discovers a new form of writing we all take a huge leap forward.

So, for me, writing is the best innovation of all time.

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