Our third location in St. Louis is open!

One month ago,

clients moved into our third St. Louis location. We're excited to be able to support even more amazing thinkers and entrepreneurs in our brand new, beautiful space. Let's celebrate our one month anniversary by re-living 4220's incredible open house!

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Do you need to be in a coworking space? Use our checklist to find out!

In the big wide world of shared office space, coworking existed long before the phrase became trendy. And while there were coworking groups as far back as the 1960s, today the idea of sharing space and resources shines brighter than ever, giving entrepreneurs and service providers a single environment in which to work, socialize, and make connections.


But choosing a coworking space over other options (private desks, private suites, getting your own lease, working from home) can be tough.

How do you know if you’re ready for coworking?


1–12: Coworking sounds super cool, but for some other company!

You’ve already got an awesome space, a solid team, and all the perks, benefits, connections, and funding you could dream of, or you’re not even past the “getting a good idea” phase. Coworking is still trendy and amazing, and may have awesome events you'll still want to check out, but it's not the right fit for you...yet.


13–24: Coworking is a solid option!

You’re missing out on some key components, and can’t fill those needs in your current setup. It’s probably time to start searching for a coworking center near you and talking to their team about transitioning to a new space. Once you tick a few more boxes, you're going to want to move fast and start reaping the benefits of the coworking movement. 


25–36: Coworking is a must-have!

You are hurting for hires, famished for funding, barking for benefits, and pining for perks. Lucky for you, there are plenty of cool coworking spaces in your area, and you’re ready to move in today. There’s no time to waste!

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Venture Café Miami and CIC Miami named finalists for 2018 Beacon Awards

Venture Café Miami and CIC Miami named finalists for 2018 Beacon Awards

The Beacon Council named Venture Café Miami and CIC Miami as finalists for the 16th Annual Beacon Awards, both in the category of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  These awards are bestowed on organizations and individuals who have made impact and demonstrated leadership in the categories outlined in the One Community, One Goal initiative.  





[Philadelphia, PA, April 26, 2018]


CIC Philadelphia is excited to welcome new General Manager, Ravid Butz. Ravid brings over 20 years in business management to CIC Philadelphia, which is slated to open this fall at 3675 Market Street in uCity Square.

In his role as General Manager, Ravid is responsible for leveraging the physical space and resources of CIC Philadelphia towards growing and supporting regional startup and innovation communities.

“I love to grow and build companies, and wholeheartedly consider CIC an essential resource for startups.  I’m especially proud to mobilize CIC Philadelphia as an indispensable facility for scientific and technology innovation and entrepreneurship in our vibrant community. “-Ravid Butz

Ravid has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and an advisor. Among the companies he’s started, Ravid founded and operated PhotoLounge in Philadelphia, a retail company celebrating its 21st year of leadership in the Philadelphia photo market. He has consulted and mentored startups and established companies on new product launch and going to market. Ravid received his BA from Temple University and his MS Engineering and Technology Management from the University of Pennsylvania.

“I am excited to welcome a leader of Ravid’s caliber into our steadily growing innovation ecosystem,” said Tim Rowe, CIC’s founder and CEO. “Ravid’s passion and knowledge will certainly help us continue to scale our mission of building innovation hubs in future-focused cities.”

In Philadelphia, Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) has joined forces with the University City Science Center to offer premium office and lab facilities including 20,000 square feet of full-service labs. CIC also offers access to a network of their members throughout the U.S. and Europe.

The partnership between CIC and the Science Center will strengthen the organization's’ collective ability to serve Philadelphia’s startups and serial entrepreneurs. Together, they aim to serve Greater Philadelphia by supporting a vibrant entrepreneurial community and offering access to opportunities to collaborate, learn, advise, and inspire each other. CIC is the oldest and largest convener of startup activity in The United States. Founded in Kendall Square, Cambridge in 1999, CIC now houses more than 1,700 companies in over 630,000 square feet of space across several cities in the US and Europe. CIC clients and affiliates have raised over $6 billion in venture capital and $4.5 billion in combined enterprise value at IPO or M&A exit.

For almost two decades, CIC has focused on strengthening vibrant communities, building collaborative work environments, and creating impactful programming to attract and support the very best entrepreneurs and their teams. CIC’s clients provide tomorrow’s answers to today’s problems--they renew economies, create gainful and rewarding employment opportunities, and frequently crack tough problems facing humanity.


More information & press contact: 

Sally Guzik, Senior Community Engagement Lead

p: 267-253-2207

e: guzik@cic.com

ROUND UP: Five articles about women, entrepreneurship, and venture capital to celebrate Women’s History Month

How was your Women's History Month? Ours was great! Let's close it out with five articles about women, entrepreneurship, and venture capital:


1. Meet Melanie Perkins, CEO of Canva

The close of a $40 million funding round makes Perkins the youngest woman to lead a $1 billion startup. Canva is a web-based design platform with over 10 million users. Learn more about Perkins and Canva at Quartz Media.


2. VC Stereotypes about men and women aren’t supported by performance data

Only 2.7 percent of venture capital-funded companies have a woman CEO. But according to a new study, stereotypes about women held by venture capitalists (like “women are risk-averse”, “women are reluctant to grow their business”, “women lack the resources for high growth”, and “women’s ventures underperform”) aren’t supported by performance data. This study also shows that VCs evaluate entrepreneurs differently based on gender. Read more here.


3. Meet Brazen Global

Brazen is a nonprofit (and CIC client) committed to “tearing down barriers for women entrepreneurs so they can successfully grow their own businesses”. Read our interview with Mindy Mazur, Executive Director of Brazen St. Louis, and check out this profile of founder and CEO Jennifer Ehlen by her alma mater.


4. Meet the women venture capitalists who are changing the face of investing

Women are still underrepresented in VC firms, and in 2017 their numbers remained mostly stagnant. Business Insider profiled women making waves and deals in VC firms in 2018. Read more here.


5. Women of color are starting businesses at record rates

Women of color receive virtually no venture funding - 0.2 percent. But all over the country, women of color are starting businesses. Between 2007 and 2012, businesses owned by black women increased by 66 percent. Read about women entrepreneurs from the Las Vegas Sun and Ag Funder News and stay inspired.

Making it Personal: What is CIC's Responsibility for Advancing Social Equity?

 Making it Personal: What is CIC's Responsibility for Advancing Social Equity?

St. Louis is a city with a complex history. CIC knew some of that history when we began establishing the company’s first expansion location, but as our space opened on the heels of the unrest in Ferguson, we were forced to examine both our understanding of that history, and our place in St. Louis’ future.

At the end of last year, CIC St. Louis worked with the Diversity Awareness Partnership to assess our spaces, find out how our community was feeling, and discover whether there were changes we could make to build a more inclusive and welcoming environment. It was a great exercise that gave us our first real data on the diversity and inclusivity of our internal community.

Meet CIC Miami client: Pathwaves

Meet CIC Miami client: Pathwaves

Pathwaves are the creators of Neural Empowerment. What do they really do? They help people optimize their flow, however they define that for themselves. Said another way, they compress time and compound change by working at the intersection of neuroplasticity, neurotech and psychology.

Monthly Event Series Creator's Lounge Aims to Help Miami Creatives Succeed

Monthly Event Series Creator's Lounge Aims to Help Miami Creatives Succeed

“Artists should think of themselves as innovators and entrepreneurs... The birth of Creator’s Lounge was a mission to make local creators and makers aware of the resources around them... and [give them] practical business skills to thrive and survive and respond to the market,” says Medrano, who also works as a senior relationship partner at the CIC.

Sustainder: Leveraging big data to make cities smarter 

Sustainder: Leveraging big data to make cities smarter 

Air quality, noise, traffic density, vibrations. There’s a lot going on in the outdoors that has an impact on people, day in and day out. With technology being as advanced as it is, tracking and measuring each of those metrics is certainly realistic. There’s just the question of finding the right access points.

Restart Network: Providing world-class tech education to underserved communities

Restart Network: Providing world-class tech education to underserved communities

For Romanian-born Teodor Cătăniciu, everything started with an eye-opening experience. A few years back, he was a business student at a Dutch university only to realize that the program he had chosen wasn’t given him enough real-world knowledge. He wanted more.

Travis the Translator: Digitizing languages to bring people closer together

Travis the Translator: Digitizing languages to bring people closer together

There are close to 7,000 languages being spoken around the world, and a single person may be fluent in one or two, perhaps three. Language barriers are, thus, rather common – whether people deal with personal or professional matters.