Sally Guzik - Executive

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Sally is responsible for supporting and expanding CIC Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and amplifying the good work taking place within it by recruiting more innovative, civically-minded organizations to CIC and the region.

Sally brings distinct expertise to this charge, particularly as it applies to understand DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) and the process of community engagement and development.

A first-generation college graduate, Sally credits graduate studies in Conflict Resolution and Diffusion Theory of Innovation with her commitment to collaboration and building networks of socially-minded, innovative organizations.

What excites you most about CIC?

Every day we're surrounded by people who are taking risks for something they believe in. It's the most inspirational environment to work in and it gives me energy and excitement for my own work. 

What's your favorite snack in the CIC kitchen and why?

Special lunch pop-ups! Our community team chooses local vendors to highlight special snacks. We've had vegan tacos, Guatemalan street food, and kombucha. I love meeting new food startups and trying something new. 

How does working at CIC differ from other jobs you've had?

Our team values a positive work environment. We're 100% team-centric in our work and believe in supporting each other's growth. 

What is your favorite hobby/what do you like to do in your free time?

We have a CIC Dungeons and Dragons group. Our community associate, Leona is our Dungeon Master. It's a game I've always wanted to play, and am really excited we're sharing this fun adventure with staff and clients. 

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had? 

I worked for an environmental engineering company with several interesting projects including: managing a greywater facility of the Army Corps of Engineers, collecting water samples in rivers and streams to measure deicing fluid impact, and collecting stormwater runoff to understand water contamination when the sewers overflow.

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