Aidan Kostenko - Community / Operations


What is your professional background and how did you end up in your current role?

I managed the computer labs and student lab attendant staff at my university right out of college, then went on to the US Peace Corps. After two years of building rural computer labs and facilitating adult literacy groups, I went on for a Masters in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management. I wrapped up my degree with another year of national service as an AmeriCorps VISTA at a youth-outreach nonprofit, then got hired on at the same organization as a Field Support and Training Manager. I've always valued service and outreach and was drawn to CIC for its strong mission and vision.

What skills or characteristics do you possess that most contribute to your success in this role?

Patience. Even keel. Affinity for assembling IKEA furniture. Being open to trying out new things, talking about process, and defining underlying issues.

Can you tell us about your team and how you work together?

My operations team includes six people with diverse work experience, and each brings a mind-boggling amount of skills and expertise to the table. Decisions are largely democratic, with the team coming together to work through tough problems. This is definitely an environment for collaboration!

What excites you most about CIC?

At the end of each day, my team's check-ins are a torrent of ideas, conversations, and completed tasks. I'm happy to be a part of an organization so full of creativity, excitement, and talent.