Claire Drummond - Relationship Management and Sales


What unique skills have you developed in your role at CIC?

The ability to email and walk - crucial skill.

Tell us about a fulfilling or exciting special project that you worked on this year.

Our CIC Providence is our newest campus, coming Q3 of 2019. The proximity and strong relationships between Boston and Providence have enabled our company and me to really dig into the community, the institutions there, and how CIC can play a large role in helping to build the Providence innovation ecosystem.

Can you tell us about your team and how you work together?

Efficient and shared language that enables us to quickly propose radical ideas, workshop them and provide clarity/answers to clients in an unbelievably quick turnaround time.

When did a colleague really impress you?

Honestly, I am amazed every single day to see the smallest and more impactful actions that colleagues do to make this space and our services impeccable to our clients. We are a happy-to-help and jump-into-anything kind of community: we all load the dishwasher, we all have done some weird hours/requests for clients, all have gone above and beyond in ways we might not have known we were capable of. Our company breathes this instinctual level of serving the client and greater community in a way that really makes you feel part of something so much larger than yourself.

How does working at CIC differ from other jobs you've had?

I feel empowered to try here in a way I have never have before - try a new role, try out a tough conversation, try to introduce new policy, try at whatever you think adds value here.

What's the most interesting conversation you've ever had with a CIC client?

Honestly, sitting down with a client who had a sick parent-in-law and discussing the humor and sadness associated with that process of watching someone lose key aspects of who they are.

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

Janitor - when I was 13 years old.

What is your favorite hobby/what do you like to do in your free time?

Long runs around Boston.