Jemar Souza - Community / Operations


What excites you most about CIC?

There's something special and incredibly inspiring about being surrounded by creative, entrepreneurial energy each day. In the communities that CIC builds it's easy for everyone to make genuine connections, whether they’re hoping to collaborate with someone now, in the future, or maybe never. People here are always one conversation away from a new business partner, idea, or friend. I love it!

How does working at CIC differ from other jobs you've had?

My background was mostly in social media marketing before working for CIC. It was great to start and excel in a job that allowed me to not just use my creative mind, but my hands, legs, and muscles too!

What unique skills have you developed in your role at CIC?

Spreadsheets. I'm starting to become a master of spreadsheets. And I'm also developing my design thinking abilities, focusing on user experience in physical spaces.

What is a challenge you've had thus far in your job?

Figuring out how much extra furniture to order and where to make space for it!

What is your favorite hobby/what do you like to do in your free time?

I'm an all-around geek into anime, cartoons, video games, and other sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Right now, I'm pretty much obsessed with Pokémon Go and always looking for cool people to play with. I also work with my girlfriend, Jamila Rowser, on a project called Straight Outta Gotham, which produces and showcases connections between geek and Hip-Hop culture. Creative writing used to be my primary passion but over the last 7 or so years, I started focusing on "work" and "business,” instead of feeding my creative spirit. This year, however, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Jamila and a super talented comic book artist on a short story which will be published in an anthology soon. I've always wanted to write my own comic, so it was super cool to finally check that off my bucket list.