Solomon Flax - Events


What drew you to your current role?

Working with motivated people who put the clients first and, in the context of events, want to make each event the smoothest and most pleasant experience for hosts. The more complicated and detailed, the better. There's honestly a rush when I feel I've successfully pulled off a multi-day event with furniture deliveries, crazy setups, multiple rooms, trash pickups, you name it. I think of events like a puzzle, and when all the pieces fit together I know it'll come out beautifully.

What are you most passionate about in relation to your work?

My passion is creating memorable experiences for people. The idea of curating fun and watching people enjoy themselves brings me incredible joy and satisfaction. I've created programming for kids as a summer camp counselor, planned a detailed (but fun!) itinerary for friends visiting me in Boston, coordinated logistics for a 100-person conference at my previous job, and planned my best friend's bachelor weekend which involved his favorite childhood video games and a hot sauce challenge (update: we're still friends).