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We believe entrepreneurs can solve the world’s most pressing problems. Starting with the ones right outside our doors.

Dense networks of innovators generate their own energy and economic power.  At CIC, we believe in harnessing that power to improve the communities where we live and work. In other words, CIC is about more than having a place to work.  It’s about having an impact.

While our clients are all doing amazing things on their own, our real power lies in what we can do together.  Since our origins in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, CIC has engaged pro-actively with local communities to fund minority startups, build innovation hubs, develop mentorship programs, and promote equitable economic growth.  

Our partnership with University City Science Center (UCSC) launched in October 2018, bringing lab and office space to 3675 Market Street, and a vibrant, impactful community of innovators to the neighborhood.  

our partners 

University City Science Center

The Science Center is a mission-driven nonprofit organization that helps innovators and entrepreneurs bring world-changing technologies to market. They provide innovators, entrepreneurs and companies at any stage of the business lifecycle with support and access to resources, programming, capital, and space – helping move innovation from idea to IPO, and beyond.


Enabling awesome, one bench at a time. BioLabs are the premier co-working spaces for life science startups — unique places where you can test, develop and grow your game-changing ideas. As entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, the have first-hand experience with the pain-points biotech start-ups face. Their goal is to change how scientific entrepreneurs do business by building an ecosystem that empowers bioinnovators to grow quickly, while maximizing capital efficiency.

Wexford Science + Technology

Wexford works exclusively with universities, academic medical centers and major research institutions to achieve their vision. "We create lasting impact. Our vibrant, mixed-use communities built on a foundation of discovery, innovation and entrepreneurial activity create visible outcomes in the form of substantial economic growth, new and diverse jobs, and community transformation."


CIC Philadelphia's 2019 Social Impact Cohort

CIC is building strategic partnerships with a select group of local non-profit organizations to help address social issues right here in Philadelphia. The Social Impact Cohort is designed to nurture a small group of non-profits by providing space, resources, and networking opportunities to accelerate their impact.

Coded by kids

We teach students ages 8-18 how to create, not just consume technology. Students leave our classrooms with projects they can show off to family and friends, and a skill set that they can use throughout their lives.

Draft Studios powered by CIC is a new student-run digital design and web development agency where teams of students work on real UI/UX and web development projects for nonprofits and businesses. Students participating in Draft Studios range in age from 15-24 years old and have completed intermediate to advanced level coursework through the CbK curriculum. Draft Studios students work on web development projects for businesses and nonprofit organizations, in coordination with a team of volunteer tech and startup professionals that act as mentors and advisors.

Collective Success network

The Collective Success Network (CSN) is a volunteer-run non-profit that supports low-income, first-generation (LIFG) college students to achieve their academic and career aspirations through empowering mentorship, professional development, and leadership opportunities. We do this by collaborating with the wider business community to create innovative solutions to increase college-to-career success and build a socioeconomically diverse talent pipeline. 

Being part of CIC will enable CSN to organize more frequent workshops and community-building events to support our 400+ student members and to provide a home base for our campus chapters to collaborate and work together to design and implement meaningful programming to serve their peers. In addition, we look forward to welcoming the CIC community to engage with our students by serving as mentors, career guides, and speakers in our professional development series. 



OAx (d.b.a Open Access Philly / OAP) was launched in 2011 with a mission to bring economic equality to life with Smart Cities and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives. Co-organized by Paul Wright, Tiffanie Stanard, and Jeff Friedman – For more information, visit

 Open Access Philly is excited to join the CIC Philadelphia community because we have a shared focus of collaboration, strengthening communities, and creating impactful programming/initiatives – that help organizations grow and succeed.