CIC St. Louis opened its doors in October 2014 as the first CIC expansion outside of Massachusetts. Partnering with the growing Cortex district, we quickly established two locations, 4240 Duncan and CIC@CET. Our third location at 4220 Duncan opened in May of 2018! 

CIC St. Louis offers beautiful design, a wide variety of dedicated offices, stocked kitchens, phone booths, wet lab space and event spaces. Our staff continues to be energized and motivated by the incredible thinkers and creators in St. Louis, and are working to support and encourage them more every day. Let’s grow together!

Learn more about CIC and how we build communities in CONNECT 2018, our first global impact report.


Our Partners

Venture Café St. Louis is CIC's non-profit sister organization. Their mission is to strengthen the innovation ecosystem, connecting innovators to make things happen. Every Thursday, innovators gather at Venture Café for impactful connections. This past year Venture Café has facilitated a growing community of returning innovators and ambassadors. Last year, the Café brought in 25,000 visitors!

CET is the largest and oldest Innovation Center in Missouri! CET is nationally recognized for providing the infrastructure and resources needed for early-stage, high-growth companies in the fields of information technology, bioscience and consumer/manufactures products. CET offers flagship programs like Square One, filling an important role in the Cortex district and broader St. Louis region.

shared lab info postcard_01.png

Come check out our shared lab space!

  • Centrifuges and Incubators

  • -80° and -20 C° Freezers

  • BioSafety Cabinets and Chemical Fume Hoods

  • pH Meters, Top Load Scales, Pipetters, Shakers

  • Vortex mixer, Spectro-photometry, Glassware

  • DI Water Systems, lab ice, Autoclave Glassware Washer + even more!


Parking map for the Cortex district [click to enlarge]