Client Spotlight: January

Once again, CIC goest westward! Our newest spotlight takes us to St. Louis and the really cool team at January.

What’s your name, company, and role?
Reshma Chamberlin (pictured upper center), CEO & Partner at January (

What problem are you solving for?
We bridge the gap between a consulting firm and a design agency so that all brand and business decisions are rooted in sound strategy. We help companies grow and scale by implementing design as part of their business model.

How is your company changing the world?
We love working with mission backed clients, including The Rainforest Trust and Australis The Better Fish, who are working to make the world a better place. We believe with a strong brand presence they can create better recognition for their cause and we are proud to have a hand in this.

How does being in St. Louis affect what you do?
We’ve been able to scale up like we couldn’t in a bigger city because of the great standard of living and up and coming nature of STL. People are also very willing to make introductions and I’ve loved meeting lots of high power executives with only one degree of separation.

What’s unique about your team’s atmosphere?
We are small, savvy and close knit. I am grateful to work with brilliant people– whom I can now call my friends! We are also all women, which gives us a unique perspective on projects and make it easy around the office.

If you won a huge grant, what would your company do next?
We have something up our sleeves, but if we told you….. fill in the blank.

What causes do you care about?
I am passionate about the environment and animal welfare!

Tell us something about your experience working from CIC office spaces
The staff is amazing and accommodating and they have fun networking events frequently. But mostly, we are in it for the free snacks 

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