Redefining the Workspace to Strategically Support Corporate Culture, Innovation, and Growth

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This study surveyed more than 560 members of the HBR audience who are involved in their organization’s strategic workspace decisions. It revealed that today’s organizations are beginning to understand that workspace decisions are not just about square footage and layouts; they are critical determinants of a company’s success. Check out some key findings below and access the full report.

Key findings from the report

Physical workspace, company culture and business outcomes are intertwined

A Harvard Business Review Analytic Services global survey* found that businesses are starting to understand how critical workplace decisions are to business success.

Workspace decisions


of respondents agree that organizations should consider workspace decisions a strategic priority

Workspace Decisions Critical to Company Culture

Workspace decisions


agree that workspace decisions impact company culture

company culture


agree that the quality of
company culture impacts an organization’s ability to succeed

In fact


of respondents whose organizations have made recent workspace adjustments report that improvement to company culture and engagement was a primary motivation for reassessing their workspace

Strong Culture → Growth

The power of community, connection and proximity is front and center as business leaders are prioritizing opportunities to network or engage in meaningful in-person interactions.


report their organization has added, or is currently adding, more mentoring and professional growth opportunities


have added, or are currently adding, more team bonding outings


agree their organization is interested in having employees attend in-person events to connect with a wider business community.

The workspace is a bit like a combustion engine […] If people are too spread out or the workspace is not right, it kills innovation and collaboration. With the right space, you get that spark

Eelco Voogd | CEO | Reworc

In-Person is In Style (Again)

Two in five respondents cite adjusting to hybrid and remote work as a top reason for reassessing workspace, while one in three cite encouraging employees to meet/work in person as a motivator to make changes to their space (among those whose organizations have made recent workspace adjustments).

39 percent


Adjust to hybrid & remote work

34 percent


Encourage employees to meet/work in person

Physical workspace is reported as beneficial to employees:

86 percent


agree that “having the option to come into a physical office is beneficial for employees”

90 percent


agree that “having the option to come into a physical office is beneficial for employees working on collaborative tasks”

Benefits Borne of Workspace Adjustments

The top 5 positive business outcomes realized when organizations made recent workspace adjustments include:

Greather operational flexibility


Greater operational flexibility

Improved collaboration


Improved collaboration

Company culture


Stronger company culture and engagement

Reduced costs


Reduced costs

In person


More employees meeting and working in person

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*Data from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Pulse Survey, sponsored by CIC, “Redefining The Workspace To Strategically Support Corporate Culture, Innovation, and Growth,” published January 24, 2024

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