In addition to pretty sweet office space, CIC members have access to more avocados and orange juice than they know what to do with. However, we’ve come to know that CIC’s biggest asset is the broad network of innovators and creators that call CIC their home.

In an effort to enhance our community of innovators and help each other out with a bit of professional development, we are ecstatic to announce a new benefit to CIC members! Startup Institute has partnered up with CIC to provide all CIC members reduced rates to their training programs, access to private student profiles, and invitations to networking events. We’re very pleased that Startup Institute has chosen CIC Boston as their current home. They were even kind enough to participate in one of our client spotlights last year!

Startup Institute has had incredible success placing alums throughout the Boston area, a few of them even securing jobs with CIC companies. One even landed a role at CIC itself! We reached out to them to glean a bit of insight into how they’ve been able to apply their Startup Institute skills to their new careers.

Dan William, a technical associate for Techstars Boston (based out of CIC), enrolled at Startup Institute due to the “quality of the education and courses” at the behest of a dear peer. Dan mentioned that “it certainly helped that [the staff] were not just awesome people, but that we also saw eye-to-eye on the important issues.” He was connected to TechStars via another Startup Institute alum, and has found that the “enthusiastic chaos” of working for his new company has been made easier by his ability to “understand how a startup needs to run” and how to diagnose issues within larger projects.

On the other hand, Amelia Wellers worked in art management for a few years before realizing she wanted to make a career switch into a more exciting, flexible, and innovative industry. When she joined CIC, there was  no sort of formal – or informal, for that matter – marketing team. Amelia, now a Marketing Lead at CIC, shared, “Startup Institute provided me with the baseline knowledge and skills to begin leading auxiliary marketing teams of talented and passionate CIC staffers, and to eventually advocate for my current marketing role.”

Dan and Amelia participated in the full-time Startup Institute program, though Startup Institute has since built out  a wide selection of part-time, weekend and nighttime programs. If you’re worried about having to give up your day job for the sake of developing your professional skills, worry not!  You can most definitely have the best of both worlds. Check out the CIC/Startup Institute member benefits page for you program guide!

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