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Meet G. Cole & Fernando Migliassi of Pathwaves in Coconut Grove and Wynwood

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Today we’d like to introduce you to G. Cole and Fernando Migliassi.

G. and Fernando, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
This is G. My Pathwaves story began several years ago, when I was introduced to traditional neurofeedback technology and got very interested in its potential – and also realized that it has certain limitations. I was also working under my mentor, a doctor in psychology, who is both traditional in his approach but also likes to “mix it up” with new thinking. And so, began my multi-year journey to create an innovative and multi-dimensional healing and empowering modality called Neural Empowerment™.

Going one step further, by using powerful principles of neuroplasticity along with integrative biofeedback and timeless healing modalities, our team has built something really special – whereby we help empower people to attain an optimal state of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical harmony.

Hi, this is Fernando. I met G. and Ryan last year through a local entrepreneurs group and I was instantly curious about what was “under the hood” in terms of the Pathwaves process and the results that it delivers. And to say, I was wowed would be an understatement as I went from consulting for them to becoming the company’s new CEO. “Why?” you ask. Well, the Pathwaves methodology is truly unique and the impact it creates for people from all walks of life is impressive. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety or have sleep issues, to seeking to improve your focus, energy or performance – we can and do, help people everyday.

From a business and startup standpoint, we’ve been broadening our product offerings, expanding the clientele we serve, and we recently moved into a great new technology co-working space at CIC Miami. So, several great changes, with many more to come, in order to grow our business model which in turn is allowing us to make a greater social impact within the Miami community.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Well, in some ways our story started without a particular road in mind and that’s been both a blessing and a challenge.

G. and Ryan have really come at this work appreciating different schools of thought – with and without technology – and without being beholden to one fixed approach. But, coming at things from “outside of the box” sometimes means people don’t fully understand you. Interestingly, this is what led us to track all of our outcomes – to demonstrate to ourselves as well as to people on the outside how effective we are.

And, all that work on the inside of the company meant that all eyes were not always on the business of doing what we do, so having Fernando come into the company is another example of where we’ve learned to adapt. I, G., really wasn’t necessarily thinking about building a healthtech company when I set out to develop our process. I was focused on the science and on healing people – and I was happy when people showed interest in what I was doing and that we could change peoples lives for the better. Then, after a year or so, we started re-thinking what it is we do, who we serve, how we serve and how can we amplify our impact. Fernando has been great in assessing where we are, outlining a future vision, and then working as part of the team, with the team, to move us along our new path.

And, with all those changes have come some growing pains – thankfully the only damage has been a few bruised toes from bumping into each other. 

Please tell us about Pathwaves.
The technical answer is that we are the creators of Neural Empowerment and what we do is help people re-parent their cells by developing a customized program for each client’s genetics, current biology, beliefs, life experiences and desired outcomes.

What do we really do? We help people optimize their flow, however they define that for themselves. Said another way, we compress time and compound change by working at the intersection of neuroplasticity, neurotech and psychology.

We’re in the change business for people who are working with a clinical condition as well as peak performers who are looking to “go next level”. And how can we do that? Well, we look at the fundamentals of who we are or the ontology of being human, and we build comprehensive programs around all of that so that people’s magic can shine.

What role has luck (good luck or bad luck) played in your life and business?
What a great question! Asking a couple of guys who truly believe in forces greater than us means that we’re always open to the role of many influences – and good luck is one of them. Every day, we’re grateful for the opportunity we have to continue to develop our process and to serve others. So, we see good luck and good fortune everywhere. And on the flipside, well, sometimes the greatest gifts come in ugly packages – so if it’s “bad luck”, we roll with it as we believe there are always lessons to be learned, no matter the wrapping.


Our initial Mind & Brain Map assessment and consultation is priced at $250

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