This Miami-born AI startup increases the accuracy of medical diagnoses

ViduAI founders and CIC Miami members Anabetsy Rivero, left, and James Termini. Photo courtesy of ViduAI.

ViduAI founders and CIC Miami members Anabetsy Rivero, left, and James Termini. Photo courtesy of ViduAI.

ViduAI, a healthtech startup led by Anabetsy Rivero and James Termini, aims to increase the accuracy of medical diagnoses through the use of an AI-assisted diagnostic system.

By reducing human error, doctors could more accurately prescribe treatments, resulting in lower costs, better healthcare, and more lives saved.

CEO Rivero initially thought about the importance of data-processing technology in health sciences while researching protein biochemistry and genomics at the Shiekhattar Lab at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

“I realized that everything that you do in cancer and genomics is data analysis and data science,” she says. “It is the way you actually interpret all this big amount of data to actually be able to draw insights and present it to other people who are not data scientists.”

Rivero developed a deep learning library for data mining while working with Dr. Saeed Rajput. The AI engine they created was able to process more data at a faster rate and achieve greater accuracy in diagnosing breast cancer than doctors could. According to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, mammography correctly identifies 87 percent of women who truly have breast cancer. Rivero’s AI system, on the other hand, achieved a 99 percent accuracy rate for detection.

ViduAI, which calls CIC Miami home, will soon embark on its first round of funding, and the startup is working on receiving FDA approval for clinical trials.

In the meantime, ViduAI continues to develop its AI engine. The diagnostic system no longer requires manual data inputs and can instead process raw images. This evolution, making the AI engine more efficient than ever, holds promise for diagnosing more types of cancer and diseases, thus revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

This profile originally appeared in CONNECT 2018: CIC + Partners Global Impact Report.

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