From Idea to Implementation: 30+ Events for Startups in the Idea and Early Stages

Startup Boston is a series of 60+ free events taking place from September 16 through 20 that brings entrepreneurs, company leaders, innovators, and industry experts together to foster collaboration and fuel growth in Boston’s startup ecosystem.

Over 30 of these events are specifically designed for those looking to take their idea or startup to the next level. 

For those developing their idea, learn from seasoned startup veterans about what pitfalls to avoid at Don’t Fall in Love: Avoiding Over-attachment to Startup Ideas and Food Fails By Founders: Mistakes that Kill Products in the Food and Beverage Industry

Another great event to help get your idea off the ground is Co-founder Matching: Find the Right Business Partner. This event features an evening of networking and small group discussions, aimed at helping you create new relationships and figuring out the type of person you’ll need on your team. 

Entrepreneurs in the early stage can explore events focused on raising capital such as Seed Funding and Raising Capital: How to Fundraise Before Your Startup has Traction, How Hard Can Equity Financing Be?, and Beyond Tech: What Investors in Other Industries Want to See

Startup Boston Week’s marketing track features events to help get your startup stand apart such as How to Earn Media Coverage for Your Startup, Be Your Best Brand: Crafting a Narrative for Your Startup, and B2C Marketing Master’s Toolkit.

There are many more events to explore during this week and there’s something for everyone looking to navigate Boston’s innovation community. View the full schedule of Startup Boston events taking place at CIC Boston.

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