Startup Boston Week Goes Virtual with 70+ Free Events

Get ready, Boston! Startup Boston Week is back September 21–25 for its fourth consecutive year. This free, week-long event series brings Boston’s startup community together to connect, learn from industry experts, and celebrate innovation.  

Startup Boston has gone virtual this year, so you can tune in from anywhere! Choose from 10 tracks designed with your department and company stage in mind, or select individual events from the full schedule according to your interests. 

With over 70 free events and 200+ speakers, Startup Boston offers something for everyone looking to immerse themselves in Boston’s dynamic innovation community. 

Below is a rundown of all the Startup Boston events taking place this year. We look forward to seeing you there!


8am Don’t Get Typecast: How to Prioritize One Audience While Maintaining Broad Appeal

8am People Ops 101: How to Manage at a Startup Without an HR Team

9:15am Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: How Marketers Can Shape Company Culture

9:15am Made for Each Other: How to Find, Evaluate, and Decide on a Co-Founder

10:30am Customer to Champion: Building a Community for Your Startup

10:30am Startup Advisors and Mentors: The Good, the Bad, and the Game-Changing

11:45am Working Within the Red Tape: Navigating the FDA and Other Medical Regulators

11:45am Polarizing Opinions: Debating Hot Topics in Marketing!

2pm Evaluating Entrepreneurship: Is Starting a Company Right for You?

2pm How to Avoid Common Cap Table Mistakes

3:15pm To Infinity and Beyond!: Is Customer Success and Support the Right Career Path for You?

3:15pm Your City, Your Resource: What’s Available to the Startup Community in Boston?

4:30pm Get Involved: Let’s Meet in Real Life


8am Start at the Very Beginning: Hiring Employee #1 on Your Customer Success and Support Team

8am Budgeting 101: How to Determine Your Startup’s Runway

9:15am You Complete Me: Retaining Your Customer Success & Support Teams

9:15am A Matter of Trust: How to Build Brand Credibility that Earns Traction and Funding

10:30am Here’s Looking at You, Kid: Transitioning From Founder to Leader

10:30am From Retention to Revenue-Building: How to Level-Up Your Customer Success Team

10:30am Ready to Launch: How to Bring Your Tech Product Idea to Market

11:45am Can You Hear Me Now?: How to Build a Remote Company That Is Successful

11:45am Starting (and Staying!) on the Right Foot: How to Build Customer Relationships That Last

2pm Candidates, Collaboration, and Code: How to Build a Winning Engineering Team

3:15pm Move Fast Without Breaking Things: How to Pivot Successfully

4:30pm We’re All Remote Now: Lessons on Distributed Development During Covid-19

5:45pm You Talkin’ to Me?: Maintaining A Conversation Between Product and Engineering

5:45pm Decisions, Decisions: Is Data Analyst the Right Career Choice for You?


8am What’s the Difference, Anyway?: Understanding People Ops and HR

8am The Churn Burn: How to Identify and Address Churn in Your Customer Base

8am Founder Essentials Bootcamp: Managing Your Intellectual Property

8:45am Founder Essentials Bootcamp: Navigating Cofounder Agreements

9:15am Taking It Up a Notch: How to Grow Your Career in Customer Success and Support

9:15am Breaking through the Breakdown: How People Ops Can Lead Startups Through Tough Times

9:30am Founder Essentials Bootcamp: Basic Employment Laws

10:15am Founder Essentials Bootcamp: Equity Negotiations with New Hires

10:30am Growing Pains: Managing the Talent Lifecycle as Your Company Scales

11am Founder Essentials Bootcamp: How to Raise Your Seed Round

11:45am A Team of One: How to Do Human Resources Without the Resources

2pm Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Building a Trusted and Useful Product Roadmap

2pm A Bang for Your Buck: A Cost-Effective Data Strategy for Startups

3:15pm Shoestring Your MVP: How to Validate Your Product for Less than $100

3:15pm Earning Their Trust: How to Establish Strong Policies Around User Data

4:30pm Making Lemonade: How Startup Leaders Create Success Out of Failure

4:30pm No Data, No Problem! How to Be Smart About Decision-Making on Limited Data

5:45pm The Million Dollar Question: Are You Pricing Your SaaS Model Correctly?

5:45pm Ready for Startup Life? What to Look for When Joining a Company

5:45pm Our Data is Our Superpower: How to Build a Data-Centric Startup Culture


8am Earning Your Wings: How to Break Into Angel Investing

8am How Do You Measure People? Utilizing Data to Maximize Company Culture and Performance

9:15am Pre-Investment Due-Diligence: How Investment Decisions are Made

9:15am Pulling Back the Curtain: How to Scale Internal Communications

10:30am Make Your Board Seat Count: How to Serve and Support Your Portfolio Companies

10:30am Reimagining the Workplace: The Role of People Ops in a Changing Landscape

11:45am Workshop Your Roadmap: Building Out a Product Roadmap in Real-Time

12pm Powering People and Performance: The Journey to Chief People Officer

12pm Suit Up!: Startup Job and Internship Fair

2pm Closing a Series A+: Funding Opportunities for Student-Led Startups

2pm Hot off the Press: How to Earn Media and Build Influencer Relations

3:15pm Venturing into VC: How to Break into Venture Capitalism

3:15pm Inbound, Outbound, Biz Dev, Oh My!: How to Build Your Direct Sales Mix

4:30pm Beyond Your Syllabus: How to Grow a Successful Startup While in School

4:30pm Geographically Challenged: How to Build Market Share From Afar


8am Bringing an Idea to Life: The Who, What, Why, and How of Prototyping

8am Don’t Give It Away: Attractive Alternatives to VC Funding

9:15am Show Me the Money: Evaluating and Building Relationships with Investors

9:15am Hard-Earned Capital: Convincing Investors to Invest in Your Hardware Startup

10:30am Co-Founder Matching: Find the Right Business Partner for Your Startup

10:30am Project Runway: How To Support R&D Without Running Out of Cash

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