Mingling is Back! Here are 5 Quick Tips for Returning to In-Person Events.

In-Person Networking Events Are Back!

5 Quick Tips to Get You in Circulation Again.

At CIC, vibrant networking events have always been key to fostering the thriving innovation communities we’re recognized for. So we’re excited in-person networking events are back!

Remember the benefits…

Feeling a bit rusty? It’s OK. Many of us feel tentative about ‘getting back in the pool’. So, let’s remind ourselves of the benefits of being face to face. It’s undeniable that being in a gathering brings a spark and spontaneity that can’t happen any other way. It speeds up our ability to relate and with that comes exciting synchronicities, new friendships and old reconnections – and sometimes even brilliant ideas are birthed. You’ll never know who you could rub elbows with or what fresh ideas may arise unless you take the jump.

Our tips

So let’s do this! To make the transition back to in-person a little easier, we’ve put together some helpful tips. Being prepared will make you feel much more confident walking back into the liveliness of IRL again! 

  1. Pick the event that most attracts you.      

    Much like deciding what to wear, pick something that compliments you. Start by attending events focused around your interests. Right away, just being in a room with like-minded people will make you more at ease.  Once you feel more comfortable with groups again then you can start to explore events on new topics you’re curious about. At CIC, we have everything from coding workshops to startup pitch competitions to life science networking events.

  2. Dust off your business cards.

    It’s been a while, so we’ve forgotten we must prepare differently for IRL. Have them ready! You might even decide it’s time to get a new look. Details like the design and weight of the paper reflect your style and give you an opportunity to refresh your image.

  3. Got questions? Perfect.

    Make a note of some ahead of time so you don’t feel put on the spot and are sure to get something out of any encounter.  Task yourself with coming up with 3 questions. You can do some quick research on the theme or go with whatever pops in your mind first. Don’t overthink it. But remember to write them down, because it’s so easy to lose that thought.

  4. Spice up the nametag.

    Show your personality. Don’t be afraid to be playful, adding a bit of fun and randomness to yours can be a great icebreaker and makes you approachable. Add a factoid about yourself, or a favorite piece of trivia, or even name your pet peeve. Things that invite questions and then get conversation flowing.

  5. Practice your ‘pitch’.

    A little warm-up beforehand will build confidence and make you easier to get to know. Quick quiz yourself on things like: Who are you? What do you do? Why is it important?

Let’s get some practice! Find your next event.

It’s so easy to see what activities a-brew are out there; event sites like Eventbright or MeetUp catalog a huge variety of options to choose from. They also have convenient filters that let you search by location and cost.

Here at CIC, we have multiple free events scheduled so take a look at our programming calendar to sign up and pretty soon, you’ll be back in the mix again.

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