6 Steps for Biking to Work, CIC Cambridge Edition

With an increase in MTBA traffic, construction, housing prices, and bike lanes in Cambridge, more and more Kendall Square workers can consider biking to work as an affordable, healthy, green commuting option. Here are 6 steps for biking to work, outlining a day in the life of a CIC Cambridge biker — it’s never too late to change gears.

Step One: Wake up.

Step Two: Do your morning routine.

A bit of stretching here, a little scanning the web there — and dress for transit. Our fickle New England weather gives CIC bikers a free pass to value function over fashion. This is your moment to feel the wind in your hair and aim for the puddles (or work out your brain by safely avoiding them). Here are a few tips.

  • Always wear a helmet. We want you to protect the highly-functioning bodily organ that brought you to us (it wasn’t just the fully stocked kitchens, right?). Your brains make CIC what it is today, so continue to be smart.
  • Close-toed shoes are key. Keep a pair of old training shoes near your bike, or wear fancy bike shoes if you have them. Switch your transit shoes out for work-appropriate shoes and store them under your desk during the day.
  • Weather-proof. Committing to the all-season, all-weather biking lifestyle? Invest in a pair of wind-breaking waterproof pants and a rain jacket for colder, wetter months. CIC Cambridge has an enclosed indoor bike rack for clients and staff, so you don’t need to worry about subjecting your beautifully oiled gears to the elements (though I do recommend waterproof gear lubricant). If the road is icy, suck it up and take the T.
  • Too much stuff? Get a water-resistant backpack or covered paniers to install on your bike. A milk crate tied to a bike rack can even serve as a basket.
  • Tidbits: U-locks are best, as are theft-resistant lights.

Step 3: Leave the house whenever you please.

Make use of Cambridge’s many bike lanes; don’t be this guy. Obey traffic signals — you are operating a vehicle, after all.

Step 4: Remember elevator etiquette.

If you’re late to work on a hot day, keep in mind that you will be sweating and breathing heavily upon 0-10 other elevator companions. Carrying a helmet gives you a free pass to look grungy, but not to smell grungy. If you’re a hardcore biker and hardcore sweat-er, then make use of CIC’s showers, deodorant, and towels on the 4th and 14th floors.

Step 5: Congratulations!

You’ve joined the Kendall Square biking movement and arrived at work refreshed and rejuvenated, almost awake, with ½ your daily dose of vitamin D, stronger legs, and a big appetite for (second, free) breakfast.

Step 6: Completely forget about your commute.

Think more clearly, invent things, connect with fellow bikers, and be slightly more ok with the amount of time you spend scrolling through cat videos. Enjoy those extra 10 or 20 minutes you shaved off by avoiding the T or parking your car, your unviolated personal space, and the inhalation of one less carbon emission molecule.

But wait, there’s more? CIC provides discounts for products and services provided by HubwayPure Fix Cycles, and Fortified Bikes. For more information about how to bike safely in Boston, visit Bike Safe Bostonor Boston Bikes.

CIC will be hosting a Vendor Benefits fair on Wednesday, October 29th from 4–6 PM in the Venture Cafe. If you’d like to learn more about vendor benefits for CIC’s clients, please visit our benefits page for more details.

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