From Student to Startup: The 10 Best Events for Students at Startup Boston 2018

Startup Week is designed for the startup community, which includes current founders, aspiring founders, career changers, hiring managers, investors, developers that can build the systems needed for startups to function, and, yes, students — of all stages of life.

Start off on Monday at What’s Next: Emerging Trends in Tech, where you can find out what skills to learn now to be a hot commodity come graduation.

If you’re learning towards the entrepreneurial side of things, check out What Makes a Good Founder (and Co-Founder)?, including panelist Maia Heymann, Cofounder and General Partner of CIC-based venture capital firm Converge. You’ll leave prepared to leverage your student networks to find the right person to work with in getting your ideas off the ground. 

Current or aspiring founders will want to come back on Tuesday morning for Bootstrapping a Startup to Scale: Ask Me Anything with Todd Garland. And for those who are torn about whether or not to leave Boston after graduation, check out Why Boston IS Great for Consumer Tech Startups (and How to Make it Better).

If you’re a student in entrepreneurship, you may want to suggest that your professors and advisors request an invitation to Supporting Student Entrepreneurship: What Works & What’s Needed. This is an exclusive event for those who work directly with students in these fields.

Student entrepreneurs (and entrepreneurs of all levels of experience) have a double header on Wednesday with Before the Pitch: Finding & Building Relationships with the Right Investors and Pre-Traction Fundraising: What Matters to Boston Seed-Stage Investors. Grab yourself a seat in a room with multiple investors and learn directly from them. 

Understanding Equity: Workshop for Founders, Early Employees, and New Investors kicks off Thursday’s events – this is a great one for anyone thinking of sharing equity, or those of you considering working for a startup where equity is part of the compensation package. After that you can head to What it Takes to Create a Billion-Dollar Company to learn how to take that equity to the next level.

Friday’s Student Mixer (keep an eye on the location – it hasn’t been posted yet!) is a great way to wrap up your week alongside other students. And who knows who you’ll meet. Your cofounder just might be in the room!

View the full schedule of Startup Week events taking place at CIC Boston. 

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