CIC International Soft Landing and Manutara Ventures announce the 5 winning startups that will receive support during their internationalization phase in the U.S.

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GETI, Judini, Facto, Levannta, and Finmaq are the selected startups that will visit Miami between August 28 and 31 following a  5 weeks virtual training program

CAMBRIDGE & MIAMICIC , a global leader in creating and operating innovation ecosystems, along with Manutara Ventures, a VC firm based in Chile with operations in Miami, announced the five selected Latin American startups participating in the CIC International Soft Landing program that will be arriving in Miami. This program aims to support each startup in its international expansion plans as they enter the U.S. market. 

Founders of the winning companies will have access to a six-week online soft landing training which culminates in a one week visit to Miami from August 28 to 31. Their time in Miami will be a combination of meetings with key local economic and government agency officials, tech entrepreneurs, investors and venture studio firms, accelerator programs, potential partners and clients. 

The selected companies and founders are as follows:

Francisco Contreras, GETI´s Founder:  Geti presents itself in the market as a web platform that enhances decision-making and profitability for e-commerce companies. This Software as a Service (SaaS) startup uses data extraction and AI-driven analysis to provide its clients with a real-time overview of their products and those of competitors in terms of prices, stock, and promotions. This strategic approach enables businesses to enhance their competitiveness in the online world by creating informed strategies.

Álvaro Chávez, Judini’s Founder: Judini has developed CodeGPT, an AI-powered programming tool that has garnered 800,000 downloads worldwide, directly competing with Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot. Using their own API, they have built CodeGPT, enabling companies to customize AI models to fit specific data, transforming generic AI into tailored solutions. They are already operating in 172 countries. Their entry into the United States positions them ideally to continue their growth journey.

Mickle Foretic, Facto’s Founder: Facto aims to digitize and automate the billing system of the United States. It is designed for entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to automate processes such as quotations, purchase orders, invoicing, payments, and more. This helps the company increase its revenue as its operations become automated.

Manuel Astaburuaga, Levannta’s founder: Levannta is a financial platform focused on providing liquidity in advance. It enables businesses to grow without dilution or debt through an innovative financing alternative, converting future cash flows into liquidity for businesses with recurring revenue models. They aim to expand their fund and portfolio with their arrival in the United States.

Diego Sanz de Santamaria, Finmaq’s Founder: FinMaq is a fintech company that utilizes asset-backed loans to drive the growth of SMEs in Latin America. Their aim is to enhance the sales conversion of asset distributors through data and loan products that promote financial inclusion. FinMaq’s mission is to create a positive social impact by providing digital financial solutions to unbanked individuals and SMEs. Through their application, clients can apply for loans and receive responses within five minutes, streamlining access to financing. In the United States, there is a significant opportunity to make an impact in this field.

Access a global network 

CIC’s International Soft Landing program was established in 2016 with a strong focus on Latin America. It provides startups and entrepreneurial ventures with a cultural and practical understanding of business in the U.S. through an immersive experience. This allows them to minimize the risks associated with entering a new market, save time and resources, and maximize benefits. Upon completing the program, participants gain access to global markets with streamlined processes, mentorship, and an extensive network of contacts.

“We provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to navigate new markets and overcome challenges, accelerating their growth on the international stage,” said Alejandra Winter, Director of Soft Landing at CIC. “The goal is for startups to envision their internationalization strategies with the aim of becoming transnational companies.”

Winter congratulated the selected startups and highlighted the in-person visit to Miami. “We believe this city is a great starting point within the U.S. before expanding to others like New York, Boston, or San Francisco. That’s why we support startups to generate as many connections as possible and accelerate their growth,” she said.

“Thanks to this initiative, five companies from the region will have the opportunity to finance the initial steps of their internationalization process in a particularly complex and challenging global economic scenario,” said Cristián Olea, Manager of Manutara Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund of Chilean origin with operations in Silicon Valley and Miami, who valued the collaboration with CIC in supporting tech-based medium-sized enterprises. “The Latin American ecosystem has shown great innovation potential, and opportunities like this contribute to its consolidation in the market.”

Training and strategic meetings

During the CIC International Soft Landing program, startups have various training sessions and interactions with prominent figures from the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. Among these, the opportunity for founders to practice their pitch presentation skills with Michael Burtov, CEO and Founder of GeoOrbital, stands out.

Additionally, in person, there are scheduled meetings with individuals such as Greg Horowitz, Vice President of Economic Development, Life Sciences, and Healthcare at Miami-Dade Beacon Council; Nicole Vázquez, COO of Refresh Miami; Erik Gavin, Executive Director of Venture Miami; and breakfast with renowned entrepreneurs like Nicolás Durán, Founder & CEO of Cotalker; Pablo Santos, Founder and CEO of Finaktiva; and Juan Barrero, Founder and CEO of Lazo US and with Felipe Vallejos, Co-Founder of H20 Capital. 

Visits to communities like Endeavor and The Venture City, as well as meetings with potential sales clients, partnerships, or financing, are also part of the program. The program will culminate in a pitch competition hosted during a Thursday Gathering at Venture Cafe, where startups will have the opportunity to showcase their business ideas to a panel of experienced investors and judges, like Demian Bellumio, Maria Derchi, and Cristian Olea itself, and receive feedback, and explore potential investment opportunities.

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