Your guide to 50+ Startup Boston events at CIC Boston

Startup Boston is back September 16 through 20 for its third consecutive year! Get ready for a week jam-packed with events that explore the startup world from every angle.

With 70 events and 150+ speakers, Startup Boston offers something for everyone looking to explore the local innovation community. The majority of these events will be held at CIC Boston, including panels, workshops, and networking parties. 

This year, Startup Boston has eight tracks designed to give you actionable advice, insight into startup strategy, and improved working knowledge of small businesses. Attendees can join a pre-formed track or select events à la carte. But whether you plan to attend one event or all of them, be sure to register soon. Nearly every event had a waitlist last year, and we expect this year to be the same.

We’ll be posting more about Startup Boston in the coming days to help get you oriented for the best events to attend for teams and organizations in different industries and stages of growth. 

Here’s a rundown of all the Startup Boston events taking place at CIC: 


9am Network Over Coffee

10:15am From Start to Scale: Doing More with Less at a Bootstrapped Startup

10:15am How to Earn Media Coverage for Your Startup

12pm Entrepreneurs without Tech Skills: Options for Non-Coding Founders 

12pm Enterprise Sales for Startups: Demonstrating Credibility and Closing the Deal

1:45pm Don’t Fall in Love: Avoiding Over-attachment to Startup Ideas

1:45pm Direct, Channel, or Partner?: Determining the Right Sales Mix for Your Startup

3:30pm Hustle, Health, and Burnout: Practicing Self-Care as an Entrepreneur

3:30pm How to Sell Complex Innovation 

3:30pm How to Go from Beta to Unicorn in 6 Months

5:30pm Startup Boston Week 2019: Opening Party



8:30am Optimizing the Customer Lifecycle: Onboarding and Retention Tactics That Lead to Referrals

8:30am Crack the Code: How to Choose the Right Technology Stack for Your Business

8:30am Startup Tips to Achieving Sustainable Growth

10:15am Help Me Help You!: Making Customer Complaints Work for You

10:15am Engineer Your Engineering Team: Tactics to Find and Retain the Best Tech Talent

10:15am 3 Key Factors for Successful AI Projects

12pm To Automate or Not to Automate?: Technical Automation vs. The Human Touch

12pm When Perfect is the Enemy: Fighting Perfectionism on Technical Teams

12pm How to Build a Growth Company for Free in Boston

1:45pm How to Build and Scale a Customer Success Department

1:45pm How Startup CTOs Balance the Technical and the Strategic

3:30pm How to Crowdsource Your Customer Support

5:15pm It Takes a Village: Integrating Customer Feedback into the Product Roadmap

5:15pm How to Determine if Startup Life is Right for You 

6:30pm Founder Happy Hour



8:30am How to Prepare for and Make the Most of Your Time During an Accelerator

8:30am How to Create a Culture that Attracts Top Talent

10:15am Be Your Best Brand: Crafting a Narrative for Your Startup 

10:15am Scaling the Dream Team: Staffing Strategies to Sustain Your Competitive Advantage

12pm Food Fails By Founders: Mistakes that Kill Products in the Food and Beverage Industry

12pm Optimizing Your Company for Inclusion and Belonging

1:45pm How Hard Can Equity Financing Be?

1:45pm Secrets to Scaling a Sustainable, Open Culture

3:30pm Startup Strategy: A Legal Crash Course

3:30pm Strategies for Building Efficient, Agile, and High-Performing Teams 

5:15pm Making an Offer They Can’t Refuse: How to Recruit the Startup Talent You Want

5:15pm Understanding Equity

7pm Robots and Recruiters: The Future of Human Resources and People Ops 



8:30am Design Sprints: Quicker, Better Decision-Making for Your Startup

8:30am Earning Your Wings: How to Break into Angel Investing

10:15am Essential UX in MVPs: How to Create a Minimum Delightful Product

10:15am Arms of an Angel: Investing in Local Startups

12pm Lift Off: Steps for a Successful Product or Feature Launch

12pm Career Paths in Venture Capital: Operator to Investor, Starting a Fund, and More

1:45pm Evolution of a Product: How to Measure Response and Enable Success

3:30pm Managing a Remote Team: The Good, the Bad, and the Best Practice

3:30pm Creating a Great Prototype, Without Breaking the Bank: Part 1

5:15pm Show Me the Money: Using Metrics to Build Your Company Operations

5:15pm Creating a Great Prototype Without Breaking the Bank: Part 2 



8:30am Beyond Tech: What Investors in Other Industries Want to See

8:30am Started From the Bottom Now I’m Here: Growing into a Management Role at a Startup

10:15am Pitch Feedback Workshop

10:15am B2C Marketing Master’s Toolkit

12:30pm Before the Pitch: Finding and Building Relationships with the Right Investors

12:30pm Every Customer Counts: Retaining and Maximizing Customers

2:15pm From Customer to Champion: Building a Base of Evangelists for Your Startup

2:15pm Mentor Exchange

2:15pm Seed Funding and Raising Capital: How to Fundraise Before Your Startup has Traction

5:30pm Startup Boston Week 2019: Closing Party

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