CIC Is Buzzing!

By Joe Pierandozzi

We’re happy to welcome some new tenants to the 5th floor rooftop at One Broadway: Italian honey bees!

With help from Noah Wilson-Rich and, CIC has brought two hives to One Broadway to help support declining bee colonies, pollinate local plant life, and source some tasty honey for our kitchens. For live hive viewing, head to the Venture Café kitchen on the 5th floor, and look through the glass behind the bar. The bees are most active in the early afternoon, when temperatures are higher.

The colonies are still acclimating, but as they adjust to their new surroundings and continue to populate, we should see more bees (approximately 10,000 bees per hive!) and more activity. CIC has also requested a custom hive, complete with a transparent wall so we can see the inner workings of the colony.

Stay tuned for more bee updates, and please send any questions you have to