Do you need to be in a coworking space? Use our checklist to find out!

In the big wide world of shared office space, coworking existed long before the phrase became trendy. And while there were coworking groups as far back as the 1960s, today the idea of sharing space and resources shines brighter than ever, giving entrepreneurs and service providers a single environment in which to work, socialize, and make connections.


But choosing a coworking space over other options (private desks, private suites, getting your own lease, working from home) can be tough.

How do you know if you’re ready for coworking?


1–12: Coworking sounds super cool, but for some other company!

You’ve already got an awesome space, a solid team, and all the perks, benefits, connections, and funding you could dream of, or you’re not even past the “getting a good idea” phase. Coworking is still trendy and amazing, and may have awesome events you'll still want to check out, but it's not the right fit for you...yet.


13–24: Coworking is a solid option!

You’re missing out on some key components, and can’t fill those needs in your current setup. It’s probably time to start searching for a coworking center near you and talking to their team about transitioning to a new space. Once you tick a few more boxes, you're going to want to move fast and start reaping the benefits of the coworking movement. 


25–36: Coworking is a must-have!

You are hurting for hires, famished for funding, barking for benefits, and pining for perks. Lucky for you, there are plenty of cool coworking spaces in your area, and you’re ready to move in today. There’s no time to waste!

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Sustainder: Leveraging big data to make cities smarter 

Sustainder: Leveraging big data to make cities smarter 

Air quality, noise, traffic density, vibrations. There’s a lot going on in the outdoors that has an impact on people, day in and day out. With technology being as advanced as it is, tracking and measuring each of those metrics is certainly realistic. There’s just the question of finding the right access points.

Restart Network: Providing world-class tech education to underserved communities

Restart Network: Providing world-class tech education to underserved communities

For Romanian-born Teodor Cătăniciu, everything started with an eye-opening experience. A few years back, he was a business student at a Dutch university only to realize that the program he had chosen wasn’t given him enough real-world knowledge. He wanted more.

InnovationQuarter: The investing powerhouse

InnovationQuarter: The investing powerhouse

Whether very early-stage or more established, innovative companies are constantly on the lookout for new customers, trusted partners and key investors. For a strong network, both at home and abroad. For relevant knowledge and expertise. If they could find that in one place, too, then all the better.

Parx Plastics: From a co-working desk to the stock exchange  

Parx Plastics: From a co-working desk to the stock exchange  

Plastic is all around us – from our homes, cars and phones, to disposable water bottles, food packaging, and even our dental fillings. Avoiding just about every contact with it is, thus, rather unrealistic. Yet, while a lot has been said about the negative impact of plastic on people’s health and the environment, there is now a way to make it a lot safer.