CIC Passport


CIC clients have the exciting option to work from anywhere within our network not just the one where your office may be. They can also use conference rooms throughout our network.  We call this service “CIC Passport”.

We have CIC facilities in Cambridge, Boston, St. Louis, Rotterdam, and Miami!  In addition, CIC has joined a nationwide network of other spaces that support the startup community, so you will now also have options to work in a number of other cities.  That list currently includes: Chicago, Austin, Toronto, Berlin (Germany), Philadelphia, Baltimore, LA, Dallas, Moscow, Nashville, Miami, and London.

For CIC’s own facilities, your existing CIC access card will work everywhere. Go to the location, scan your card, and head to the main reception desk, where they will point you to the best areas for guests to work. You are also welcome to reserve and use conference rooms and phone booths in any CIC location. Just reserve directly via Roomzilla, as you normally would - a complete list of the CIC Roomzilla sites is listed here: And, of course, the same conference room etiquette applies everywhere: clean up after yourself, don’t use conference rooms alone, cancel bookings if you don’t need them, limit full day reservations, etc. Over time, CIC expects to be adding locations (like the recently announced Rotterdam site). When we do, you’ll be able to use those too! We’ll announce them as they come available.

One brief side note: since the real estate prices at our different locations vary, if you begin to consistently use a more expensive location more than 20% of the time, we will discuss with you switching to that location for primary billing purposes.

For non-CIC facilities, follow the instructions on the network partner website for each location: Startup Federation Website. In addition, if you participate in the Impact Hub Boston community (available to you for free as a CIC client, with a sign-up process), you have access to Impact Hubs all over the world.

CIC and our network of partner startup communities form the base of a global innovation ecosystem. When you are on the road working out of another office, I'd encourage you to look for opportunities to make connections. Doing so will help to narrow the distance between any two locations. You undoubtedly know potential partners, customers, potential recruits, or even investors that could help a startup there. We all know that this kind of assistance requires just a few moments, but can be game-changing to the beneficiaries.

Finally, as with so many other things at CIC, we are constantly experimenting with ways to improve. Please tell us how it works, and how we can make it better. Thanks for your help!