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Drop-in pricing + Project inquiries

Not a member? No worries...we're open to the public! Anyone is welcome to stop by and use our machines to fabricate ready-to-go designs via the assistance of a Fab@CIC staff member or contributor. Our drop-in rate starts at $25 (materials and setup fee) plus the following metered rates depending on the technology:

  • 3d printing: $0.20/minute or $12/hour

  • laser cutting: $1.00/minute

  • CNC Milling: $1.00/minute

  • vinyl cutting: $1.00/minute

  • large format printing: $9.00 / square foot

Don’t know how to use our digital fabrication machines but have an idea for a project? Use the experience of our team to help bring your vision to life! Please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you about whether your project is possible.