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CNC Milling Machine
roland modela mdx20

Cuts materials for three-dimensional objects and engraves flat plates for various uses, including circuit boards.

X/Y: 220 mm x 160 mm
Total Working Volume: 
- 203.2 mm (X)
- 152.4 mm (Y) 
- 60.5 mm (Z)
Precision Milling: 0.00625 mm
Precision Scanning: 
- 0.05 to 5 mm (axes X,Y)
- 0.025 mm (axe Z)
Scanning Speed: 4-15 mm/sec

Software Recommendations: The CNC Milling Machine works off of a Fab Module using the Linux operating system. To learn more, please request a training session at Fab@CIC.

Compatible materials: Wood, Plaster, Resin (modeling wax, styrenform), Chemical wood, Aluminum (A5052 according to JIS), Brass

Training Guides & Tutorials:
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