NEWS - St. Louis, MO

NEWS - St. Louis, MO

November 5, 2019 Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Holly Aguirre as General Manager for CIC St. Louis. Aguirre is joining CIC, whose mission is to support exceptional entrepreneurs who are fixing the world through innovation. 

CIC St. Louis celebrated its five-year anniversary this year and recently opened its third location in Cortex in Wexford’s 4220 Duncan building. CIC St. Louis supports over 300 companies across 160,000 square feet in the Cortex District by providing premium office space and shared amenities, innovation-related programming, and exceptional service.

Aguirre’s career spans over 20 years, having developed her marketing and relationship management skills at iconic St. Louis agency Zipatoni, and as president and co-managing director of The New Honor Society, a boutique agency for global brands. During that time, she led efforts for major brands and startups, such as Microsoft, Logitech, Few Spirits, Wellbeing Brewing, Affirm, and Nestlé, helping them to successfully launch new services and products

Aguirre will apply her depth and breadth of experience working with established brands and startups to grow and develop the client community at CIC, as well as engage with external partners to build an inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem in St. Louis. Resident CIC organizations currently include Forward Through Ferguson, WePower, 1904Labs, Centene, and MasterCard. 

Says Aguirre, “I’ve spent years working in close collaboration with some of the most exciting companies in the world. With the insights I’ve gained and the connections I’ve made, I hope to help attract vibrant companies to grow with CIC and boost the economic future of St. Louis as a whole.”

As changemakers and entrepreneurs bring new ideas to the local community, CIC is excited to continue working with and supporting startups and innovative businesses, making even more of an impact in St. Louis with Aguirre at the helm.



4220 Duncan Avenue, St. Louis, MO

Third CIC St. Louis location in Cortex in Wexford’s 4220 Duncan building

About Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC)

CIC is a global leader in building and operating innovation communities. Founded in 1999 in Cambridge, MA, CIC is one of the first companies to offer flexible office space and coworking options for innovators and entrepreneurs with the mission to find solutions that fix the world's problems. As of 2019, CIC has approximately 1.2M square feet (110K m2) open and in development in nine cities. The company has supported over 6,000 startup and technology companies, and over $8 billion has been invested in companies that began within CIC spaces. The company is privately held and has co-founded a number of mission-aligned organizations including Venture Café, CIC’s rapidly growing global network of nonprofit innovation ecosystem-building organizations, as well as District Hall, Impact Hub Boston, LabCentral, and MassRobotics. Over the next ten years, CIC plans to grow its network of innovation hubs to create positive impact in 50 leading cities around the world. More info at cic.com.


Janice Dru
Senior Marketing Director
Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC)