Wet Laboratory Space

CIC Miami understands life science startups. Our wet and prep chemical and biological laboratory space includes access to core lab equipment, shared office workspace, conference rooms, event spaces, and kitchens. Labs range from 100 – 1,000 square feet and can accommodate teams from one to ten plus people. Pricing starts at $1,500/month + tax for a dedicated lab and $1,103/month + tax for shared lab bench space including all amenities. 

CIC Amenities:

  • Internet 300 mbps wifi, encrypted network, and hard wired option

  • Dedicated Land-lines & Phones

  • Unmetered Printing/Copying

  • Furniture: desk, chair, locked storage, shelves

  • Unmetered Conference Room & Phone Booth Usage

  • Stocked Kitchens

  • Concierge Services (mail, packages, guest reception)

  • Use of Event Space

  • Community Events

  • Use of International Co-Working Spaces

  • International Network & Relationship Management

  • On-site nursing room, massage room, game room

  • 24/7 Access

  • Month-to-Month Terms

  • On-site Parking Available through U.S. Park  ($5/day, $65/month).

Lab Amenities:

  • Medium and Large labs are equipped with chemical fume hoods

  • All labs have access to a shared equipment room: autoclave, sterilizer, Milli-Q water purification system, and an industrial ice machine

  • Access to University of Miami's Core Facilities (shared equipment and services) at an hourly, non-profit rate

  • Tenant power capacity is 15 watts per square foot

  • Laboratories connected to back up generator

  • All labs equipped with benches and stools

  • Certifications and/or hazardous waste removal are responsibilities of the client

  • All spaces are BSL2 compliant, but certification is the responsibility of the client


University of Miami and CIC Miami partner to establish South Florida's first shared wet lab for early stage biomedical startups


Converge Labs at CIC Miami provides early stage companies with access to affordable, shared facilities and extensive equipment. CIC Miami supports and fosters collaboration between scientists, entrepreneurs, and the rest of your startup team. Shared kitchens, common areas, conference rooms, and onsite programming are designed to cultivate interactions between your company and other entrepreneurs, experts, and investors across a wide-range of industries.

Converge Labs was born on July 5, 2017, named to reflect the identity of the Converge Miami innovation district that is developing on the parcel formerly known as the UM Life Science and Technology Park.

A Shared bench in the Converge Labs is $1,103/month + tax including access to the following:



Biosafety Cabinets

Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezer

Trinocular Inverted Microscope

General Purpose Water Baths

TLE Series Analytical Balances

Benchtop Meters

Standard Hot Plate Stirrers

Vortex Mixers

Biofluid Aspiration Systems

Mini Centrifuge

Series Benchtop Centrifuges

Gravity Convection Ovens

General Purpose Chromatography Refrigerator

Analog Rocking Platform Shakers


Powerpette Plus Pipet Controller

Gravity Convection Incubators

Mastercycler Nexus Thermal Cyclers

Real-Time PCR Systems, Analytik Jena

General Purpose Water Baths

Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator

Compact Micro Centrifuges

UVP BioDoc-It 2 Gel Imagers

Standard Series Manual Defrost Laboratory

Series Freezers

Standard Solid Door Laboratory Refrigerators



Milli-Q Water Purification System

Industrial Ice Machine


Unmetered Conference Room Usage

Mail and Guest Reception

Stocked Kitchens

Internet, Printing, Phones

Event Space

Month-to-Month Terms

Clients also have access to the University of Miami Core Facilities which include specialized equipment and services needed to conduct interdisciplinary research in a cost-effective way at hourly, non-profit rates.



Equipment made possible by: 

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