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How to ask for what you want - A holistic map for selling your work

Learning how to ask for what you want-

Artists, creators, and makers frequently undervalue their creative services out of fear that their time and effort simply isn't valuable. How can you overcome those hurdles and be confident about setting a price for your work? How can you learn to manage your earnings so that you're maximizing your creative output and minimizing taxes and expenses occurred? What are some holistic strategies for fundraising and maintaining a solid framework for getting what you want financially?

In this workshop, we'll group participants and guide them through 15-minute sessions with financial professionals who frequently work with artists to develop a working model. Whether you're wondering whether you should open up an LLC, or need some solid advice on pricing your work or fundraising for specific projects, this discussion should arm participants with a personalized roadmap for getting your money problems solved.


This panel is part of an ongoing series by Creator’s Lounge, a collective of local artists, creatives, and makers focused on offering our community practical resources to succeed in the creative economy. Held monthly, each Creator’s Lounge event will feature in-depth discussions and breakout sessions with some of Miami’s leading figures in the local art scene.

Doors open at 6pm. Free parking with light refreshments and snacks provided!

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