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Pitching with Power with Peter Cummins

Peter the Pitchman, holds a degree in Psychology and over four decades of success, in sales, management, marketing and training roles. He has been an entrepreneur in ground breaking start ups and a former recording artist. In the early nineties he left the corporate world and opened the first Karaoke sing a- long company in New York City. Thus began his journey to help people overcome their fear of public performance. Later as the principal of Cummings Attractions, an Infotainment company, he began coaching top executives in crafting speeches and the delivery of interactive dynamic presentations. He is now dedicating him self to full time coaching, one on one and groups. Office Sessions. Sessions are intended for individuals at all levels, who seek to maximize their performance in the art of effective communications. The key to professional success, personal happiness, and satisfaction in life, is directly linked to our ability to effectively communicate our ideas and feelings to others - face to face, one to one and to groups. Speaking clearly, concisely, comfortably and consistently in public, is a valuable and essential skill to possess. Although some might find the emphasis on performance frightening or frustrating, the rewards for acquiring public speaking skills are many. Attendees will: ? Increase Self Confidence: Improve effectiveness and assertiveness, belief in self and abilities, set and achieve realistic meaningful goals. ? Improve Interpersonal Skills: Build win - win relationships through effective human relations skills, become a proactive listener and interact more effectively with others. ? Communicate more Fruitfully: Get ideas across accurately and quickly, be clear and concise, think and speak dynamically in all situations, improve poise, comfort level and credibility. ? Sell Ideas: Increase enthusiasm, find your passion, become more convincing, compelling and persuasive. ? Overcome Fears: Reduce Stress and Worry: Learn to control what we can, accept what we cannot, respond to problems, challenges and people more efficiently with style, class and grace.