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The CIC Wellness team enhances and energizes our community through innovative mind-body programs that are both convenient and affordable. As early as 2003, we identified the need to integrate wellness into the entrepreneurial lifestyle and began introducing a variety of offerings, starting with massage therapy. We aspire to educate and provide a path to living every day to its fullest while finding a healthy work-life-balance in the office.

With this as our inspiration, the CIC Wellness Team curates a variety of seminars and workshops that connect local wellness experts with CIC entrepreneurs and highlight some of the latest ideas at the intersection of innovation, health, and wellness. Together with the classes and self-care offerings detailed below, we believe these resources have the power to invigorate our innovation ecosystem, transforming individual movement into community enrichment and strength.

Thrive in your community

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Take Care of yourself

CIC's health and wellness services are designed to keep you motivated and enthusiastic as well as help you obtain the body and life you deserve. In addition to the massage program that started it all over decade ago, our ever-expanding curriculum now includes weekly guided meditation and yoga, acupuncture, tai chi, rotating fitness classes, and running groups.


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