* SPECIAL DEAL: Your first class is FREE!



Monday Evening Class with Jnanadev

  • WHEN: Mondays, 5:15–6:45pm
  • WHERE: One Broadway, C3 Game Room, 5th floor
  • PRICING: $10 / class
  • PAYMENT: Cash, check, or Venmo
  • SIGN-UP: No advance sign-up required, just come on by and join in!
  • INSTRUCTOR: Jnanadev



Monday Evening Open Level Vinyasa

  • WHEN: Mondays, 5:15–6:15pm
  • WHERE: 50 Milk St., Periscope Conference Room, 5th floor
  • PRICING: $10 / class 
  • SIGN-UP / Payment: 
  • INSTRUCTOR: Melissa Alexis





MONDAY EVENING CLASS:  Skip the rush hour traffic on Mondays to relieve stress, improve your fitness, and focus your mind. Sivananda Yoga is an ancient lineage of Hatha Yoga that is taught at over 60 centers worldwide. It’s not a “crank-up-the-heat power yoga”, rather Sivananda Yoga is a traditional, restorative practice for balancing the body, breath, and mind. This beginner’s course is designed for all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. Step by step, you will learn breathing exercises, sun salutations, and the 12 core poses of Hatha Yoga.

TUESDAY MORNING CLASS: Ashtanga yoga-inspired classes focused on yogic breathing as a mean to build strength, increase flexibility and relieve stress. The connecting theme of her classes is constantly challenging physical and mental limits to reach towards your full potential.


MONDAY EVENING CLASS: An open level vinyasa class offering space for students to practice breath awareness and regulation (pranayama), meditation techniques, and physical postures (asanas).  Offering space for both rigor and relaxation, the class focuses on alignment to explore range of motion of joints and muscles, breathwork to enhance concentration and present moment awareness, and flowing postures to build stamina, strength, and muscle tone.